Aringel Afterbite Spray 8ml

Anti-itch spray: instant relief from itching and pain caused due to insect and mosquito bites. Also useful when applied on minor cuts and wounds.

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  • 33 grams | 8 ml
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With this herbal Afterbite spray, you do not neet to fret about agonizing insect bites anymore! Made from tea tree oil extracts, the Afterbite Spray provides quick relief from irritation and pain due to insect bites such as those from fleas, mosquitoes, fire ants, bees, hornets and wasps. It can also be applied on minor cuts and wounds.

Key features:
• Herbal and natural. Thus, safe for family.
• Quick relief from irritation and pain
• Checks infection, inflammation and soreness.
• Controls allergic reactions caused by insect bites
• Harmless to use on minor burns, cut and wounds.

How to use the Spray:
• Spray over affected areas of the skin.
• Reapply if and as needed.

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