Aringel Mosquito Repellent Cream 50 grams

This is a herbal mosquito repellent cream which is safe for use by everyone, including infants. It is very effective and drives mosquitoes away from near it. It is free from harmful chemicals, has a pleasant smell and is effective for a very long time.

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Troubled by mosquitoes? Not any more! With Aringel mosquito repellent cream, you and your beloved ones are safeguarded from the little devils for a very long time. Beside leaving behind a pleasant herbal smell, the cream is easily absorbed by the skin and also provides nourishment to it. Therefore, it is not sticky and is very comfortable to use. It is safe even for infants and does not contain DEET or any harmful chemicals.

Some key features of the cream:

• Lasts up to eight hours.
• Effective indoors as well as outdoors.
• Pleasant odour.
• Non-sticky and quickly absorbed.

How to use:

• Apply evenly on bare skin.
• Reapply after six to eight hours if needed.

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