Aringel Mosquito Repellent Patch 1st Generation 12pcs

Aringel mosquito repellent patches are small stickers that can be stuck practically anywhere. They are very effective and can be easily used on clothing (behind the collars, shorts etc.). It creates a shield around the user keep mosquitoes at bay.

    Pack of

  • 12 patches

    Volume / Weight

  • 22 grams
Rs. 180

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Aringel mosquito repellent patches provide you relief from mosquito bites for hours. Just put a patch or two on and you are good to go! The stickers are prepared with herbal ingredients which are not harmful – unlike synthetic chemicals – and leave a pleasant incense. This can particularly useful for children during outdoor activities.

Key features:
• No side effects.
• No direct skin contact needed.
• Can be used indoors and outdoors.
• Effective up to 12 hours.
• One patch covers an area of two feet.

How to use:
• Peel off the cover from the patch.
• Stick the adhesive side of the patch to some part of your clothing like behind the collar or socks or even on the chair you are sitting or the bed you are sleeping.
• One patch is sufficient to cover an area of two feet approximately.

For more than two feet height, it is recommended that more patches be used at an adequate distance (like one on shirt and the other on trouser).

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