Aringel Mosquito Repellent Patch 1st Generation 20pcs

Aringel mosquito repellent patches are small stickers that drive mosquitoes away. They are very efficacious and can be stuck on your clothes (trousers, tees, etc.) or futniture near you. With these stickers by your side, you need not worry about the pesky bites anymore!

    Pack of

  • 20 patches

    Volume / Weight

  • 31 grams
Rs. 250

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Aringel mosquito repellent patches relieve you from mosquito bites for a long time. Just poke a sticker or two on and you are all good to go! The repellent is prepared with completely natural ingredients which are not only not harmful – unlike chemical-based products – but also leave a likeable fragrance. Children can especially benefit from this when playing outside or sleeping.

Key features:
• Effective up to twelve hours.
• Contact with skin not necessary.
• One patch covers two feet region.
• No harmful effects.
• Can be used inside as well as outside home.

How to use:
• Peel the cover off from the patch.
• Stick the adhesive side of sticker to some part of your clothing – like on t-shirt or trouser – or on furniture near you.
• One sticker is sufficient to cover region within two feet approximately.

For regions more than two feet away, it is encouraged to use more patches an adequate distance (like one on shirt and the other on trouser).

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