Aringel Mosquito Repellent Patch 2nd Generation 10pcs

In this pack, you receive ten pieces of Aringel’s second generation mosquito repellent patches. These cartoon-printed stickers can effectively drive mosquitoes away from near you and your toddlers. They are very effective and can be easily put on clothing (trousers, shirts and so on) or on furnishings nearby. With these stickers put on, you need not fret about those imps anymore!

    Pack of

  • 10 patches

    Volume / Weight

  • 22 grams
Rs. 190

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Aringel mosquito repellent patches protect you and your family from pesky mosquito bites for a long time. Just put a patch or two on and you are all set! Due to the herbal nature of these mosquito repellent stickers, they are – unlike chemical repellents – very safe to use and leave a lovely aroma behind. Toddlers too love these patches for their amazing cartoonish appeal.

Key features:
• Cartoons!
• No hazardous effects.
• Skin contact not required.
• Lasts up to twelve hours.
• Effective indoors as well as outdoors.
• Long range: two feet radius for one patch.

How to use:
• Peel off the sticker to expose its adhesive side.
• Put the adhesive side on your clothing – like jeans or tee – or on furniture – say, the chair you’re sitting on – near you.
• A single patch is sufficient to cover region within two feet approximately.

For protecting regions over two feet away, it is encouraged to use more patches at appropriate distances (like one on the t-shirt and the other on the trouser).

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