Aringel Mosquito Repellent Spray (Mint) 100ml

This is a herbal mosquito repellent spray by Aringel. It is very effective and can be used anywhere: in rooms, on clothing, or directly on the skin.

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  • 114 grams | 100 ml
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A herbal spray, free from chemicals and insecticides. It can be used for rooms, clothes or even directly on skin. It is completely safe for infants too. Very useful and convenient while outdoor and travelling.

• Chemical free.
• Effective up to8hrs.
• Pleasant fragrance.
• Completely safe on skin.

How to use:

• Spray directly in required areas.
• Alternatively you can spray in the rooms around the bed or corners.
• For best results, keep the room closed for 10 minutes after spraying and turn the fan on after opening the room.

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